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Viewing: STATS 216V, section 01

Term: 1198 - 1198
Instructor: Azadkia, Lemhadri, Zhong, Ray

Learning Goals

How well did you achieve the learning goals of this course?

Course Elements

How useful to you were the lectures?

How useful to you were the online class meetings?

How useful to you were the problem sets?

How useful to you was the website?

How useful to you was the textbook Introduction to Statistical Learning?

Additional Questions

How responsive was the Instructor and staff (to, e.g. requests of a personal nature such as personal accomodations, regrade requests, etc.)?

How willing would you be to recommend this course to a friend as an Introduction to Statistical Learning?

Are you an SCPD student?

What are your biggest take-aways from this Statistical Learning Course? What about this course has been especially useful to you thus far?

What about this course, if anything, could be improved? If you have sugges- tions on how the improvements could be carried out, please indicate those as well.

Are there ways that you - and the other students - could make this course more effective?

Process Comments:

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