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Also listed as AMSTUD 106A, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Tackett

Learning Goals

How well did you achieve the learning goals of this course?

Course Elements

How useful to you were the in-class discussions?

How useful to you were the oral presentations?

How useful to you were the readings?

How useful to you was the website?

How useful to you was/were the interactive exercises (Special Collections, uncanny valley activity, chatbot conversations, etc.)?

Additional Questions

Did this course encourage you to broaden your concepts of literature through a range of texts?

Were you encouraged to think in innovative ways about the links between literature, philosophy, technology, and other topics?

How approachable and supportive was this instructor for your learning?

What aspects of this instructor’s teaching were most helpful to you?

Which text was best and why? Is there a text you'd add or remove?

What were your favorite things about this course? Is there anything you'd change?

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