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Viewing: TAPS 201, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Al-Saber

Learning Goals

To prepare for your comprehensive exam (grad).
To prepare for your end of quarter test/project (undergrad).
To be able to construct plausible narratives of theatre history (primarily Western).
To read, engage with, examine, and discuss dramatic texts from key periods in theatre history (primarily western).

How well did you achieve this learning goal in this course?

Course Elements

How useful to you were the in-class discussions?

How useful to you were the online writing exercises?

How useful to you were the oral presentations?

How useful to you were the readings?

Additional Questions

Having completed the course, how much more have you learned about theatre history and the historical context of plays, as compared to when you started this class?

How much did the canvas questions help you improve your ability to write about plays in relation to theoretical texts?

Now that you completed this course, are you more informed and better prepared to write about the readings in the syllabus as compared to when you started?

What would you wish to be added to the curriculum/syllabus? What would you wish to be taken away?

Class was spent in three modes: powerpoint lecture, discussion of readings and canvas posts, and imaginative possibilities of scholarship that synthesizes various elements of the readings. How might you structure the in-class time differently?

What would you like to communicate to your instructor now that this class has ended?

Process Comments:

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