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Viewing: EE 103, section 01

Also listed as CME 103, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Osgood, Harvey, Jani

Learning Goals

To understand key concepts of vectors and matrices, and applications to least squares.
To use the Julia programming language as a tool in linear algebra.

How well did you achieve this learning goal in this course?

Course Elements

How useful to you were the discussion sections?

How useful to you were the lectures?

How useful to you were the problem sets?

How useful to you was the textbook Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra: Vectors, Matrices and Least Squares?

Additional Questions

How did the sections contribute to your understanding of the material?

Could you comment on the balance of topics, i.e., more of this, less of that, and the pace.

Process Comments:

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