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Viewing: CHEMENG 196, section 01

Also listed as CHEM 196, section 01 and CHEM 296, section 01 and CHEMENG 296, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Rosen, Levy, Yusuf

Learning Goals

Achieve a sufficiently intimate understanding of the challenges of creating new ventures and the entrepreneurial experience to permit a more informed decision about entrepreneurial and corporate careers. Learn important aspects of good leadership that will be useful regardless of career choice.

➢ Become familiar with key aspects of new venture creation and entrepreneurial businesses in “our” industry sector
➢ Learn the steps required to create a new business – from opportunity identification to funding
➢ Experience the challenges of identifying and pitching an idea
➢ Be exposed to the complexities of leading and managing an entrepreneurial organization – and what it means to you
➢ Explore what it takes to unlock your leadership capacity

How well did you achieve this learning goal in this course?

Course Elements

How useful to you were the in-class discussions?

How useful to you was the group project?

How useful to you were the lectures?

How useful to you were the readings?

How useful to you were the writing assignments?

Additional Questions

Did the course give you a good sense of what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Did you gain insight into ways to develop your leadership capacity?

Do you find that what you learned will serve in your career even if you do not decide to start or join a small venture organization?

Has the team project experience deepened the lessons on the key aspects of building a business?

Process Comments:

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