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Viewing: GENE 273, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Hanson-Kahn

Learning Goals

1. Give examples of cytogenetic abnormalities, their nomenclature and their clinical features
2. Explain karyotyping, FISH, array CGH
3. List scenarios which warrant cytogenetic testing
4. Explain techniques used to assay single gene disorders
5. Explain methods to analyze amino acids, organic acids and acylcarnitines
6. Use literature/databases to determine significance of genetic and biochemical abnormalities
7. Summarize testing best indicated for chromosomal, single gene or biochemical disorders

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Course Elements

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Additional Questions

Please comment on how well the course helped you to think more critically about each of the lecture topics

What aspect of the course was most useful in facilitating your learning? What additions or changes to the course would have further facilitated your learning?

What advice would you give to future students who are taking the course or considering taking the course?

Process Comments:
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