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Viewing: MED 161A, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Garcia, Newberry, Curran

Learning Goals

Throughout the year, students will gain the knowledge and skills to:
• Differentiate between the medical and public health models for addressing health challenges
• Analyze the upstream factors impacting the health of community members
• Articulate a position on the social role of health and health care providers in community settings
• Characterize the underserved populations in the Bay Area as well as the specific health, health care, and social challenges that they face
• Identify and access key community resources to improve individual and community health
• Research and synthesize peer-reviewed literature on a specific health/health care topic
• Develop and implement a project to build capacity at a partnering clinic or social service agency
• Participate in local health policy committees and initiatives
• Describe the legislative policy process in California
• Identify and track key legislation impacting community health
• Engage in advocacy efforts to address a health issue about which students are passionate

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Course Elements

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