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Viewing: ME 80, section 01

Term: 1192 - 1192
Instructor: Cai, Noll, Sweet, Singh

Learning Goals

Student should be able to analyze, as engineers, how structures carry loads, how they deform in response to loading, how and why they may fail, and communicate such analyses to other engineers.
How well did you achieve this learning goal in this course?

Course Elements

Additional Questions

How much does ME80 improve your skills for analyzing an engineering problem?

How much do you think the class style of problem-solving in groups help you understand the content of the course?

Name 1 to 2 topics that you find most difficult in this class (e.g. free-body diagram, shear & moment diagrams, Mohr's circle, statically indeterminate torsion, etc.)

Process Comments:

Key: 22103
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