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Viewing: ENGR 145, section 01

Term: 1188 - 1188
Instructor: Hwang, Gotlin, Goel, Zhao

Learning Goals

How well did you achieve the learning goals of this course?

Course Elements

How useful to you were the field trips?

How useful to you was the group project?

How useful to you were the guest speakers?

How useful to you were the lectures?

How useful to you were the writing assignments?

Additional Questions

Please rate our guest lecturer Henrik Scheel

How helpful were the course assistants?

How well organized was the class?

Please add comments on our "extras", such as the wish game, the startup visits, mentorship, office hours. If there was a guest speaker or instructor who was outstanding, we want to hear about it!

How did this class change your understanding and view of entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley?

How did this class impact your future plans and career choices?

Process Comments:

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