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PHYSICS 368. Computational Cosmology and Astrophysics. 2 Units.

Create virtual Universes and understand our own using your computer. Techniques for studying the dynamics of dark matter and gas as it assembles over cosmic time to form the structure in the Universe. The use of modern computer codes on supercomputers to combine modeling of gravitation, gas dynamics, radiation processes, magnetohydrodynamics, and other relevant physical processes to make detailed predictions about the evolution of the Universe. Practical exercises to explore how cosmic microwave background observations are sensitive to cosmological parameters, how key numerical algorithms work, how different cosmological observations can be combined to constrain what the Universe is made of and how it changed over time. Additional current topics in computational cosmology depending on student interest. Hands-on activities based on open-source software in C++ and Python. Pre- or corequisites: PHYSICS 361. Recommended prerequisite: PHYSICS 366.

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...Calculus , PHYSICS 42 Classical Mechanics Laboratory , and PHYSICS...3 May substitute ME 368 d.Leadership: Design...