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MUSIC 145K. Studies in Western Art Music Since 1900: Concepts of New Music. 4 Units.

A survey of the history of Western classical music in the twentieth century, concentrating on shifts in the concept of New Music in the first half of the century. The aim is twofold: to study in depth a representative selection of works and to develop a historiographical framework for that study. Relevant concepts to be examined include Expressionism, Neo-Classicism, New Objectivity, Serialism, Aleatoricism, and Minimalism -- all of them key terms used by music historians and critics to describe and delineate the multifaceted phenomenon of "New Music." Composers to be studied include Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Berg, Weill, Shostakovich, Reich and Glass, and others. Prerequisites: MUSIC 23, MUSIC 42. (WIM course for Music majors.).
Same as: MUSIC 245K

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...3 from the following: MUSIC 144K, MUSIC 145K , MUSIC 146J , MUSIC 146L Native American Studies...