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MS&E 212. Mathematical Programming and Combinatorial Optimization. 3 Units.

Combinatorial and mathematical programming (integer and non-linear) techniques for optimization. Topics: linear program duality and LP solvers; integer programming; combinatorial optimization problems on networks including minimum spanning trees, shortest paths, and network flows; matching and assignment problems; dynamic programming; linear approximations to convex programs; NP-completeness. Hands-on exercises. Prerequisites: 111 or MATH 103, CS 106A or X.
Same as: MS&E 112

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...131 , COMM 120W , MS&E 152W Bioengineering min...or CS 272 / BIOMEDIN 212 Chemical Engineering min...

Mechanical Engineering

...Analytical Product Design , MS&E 140X Financial Accounting...CS 106; CME 211, 212, 213, 214, 292...

Biomedical Informatics

...grade. BIOMEDIN 212 Introduction to...for all MS and PhD...Professor), Teri E. Klein (Senior...