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ILAC 226. Impersonality and Anonymity in Contemporary Latin American Culture. 3-5 Units.

This course discusses a series of cultural and aesthetic interventions in Latin America -particularly within the realms of visual arts, literature, and cinema- that addresses a radical discussion of subjectivity, personal identity and "forms of living together" (BARTHES 2003). These interventions entail a deconstruction of personal identity and subjectivity, exploring figures of the impersonal and anonymous that insist in interrogating the intensity of a life irreducible to the notion of a self. Works by narrators like Teixeira Coelho (2006) or Diamela Eltit (2002), or installations by Rosângela Rennó (2008) or Gian Paolo Minelli (2007) -among many others- seem to have abandoned the concern with individuality and identity to explore figures of the impersonal out of which emerges a concern with collectivity and community. The course will cover literary works, installations and films by Chilean, Argentinean and Brazilian authors and artists. Course to be taught by Florencia Garramuño.