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HUMBIO 136. Human Physiology Laboratory. 4 Units.

This laboratory course is active and inquiry based. Aspects of exercise and temperature are explored; however, the specific questions the class tackles differ each quarter. Samples of past questions: Does lactic acid accumulation correlate with exercise fatigue at different exercise and body temperatures? Does palm cooling during exercise mitigate the effect of body temperature on fatigue with or without evaporative cooling? Students participate both as experimenters and as subjects of the experiments in two-person teams. Participants must be in good physical condition, though not necessarily athletes, and must be willing to participate in strenuous exercise routines under adverse environmental conditions. Varsity athletes concurrently participating in a spring sport must consult the instructor before applying. Discussion sessions include student presentations of journal articles, data analyses, and feedback on individual WIM research proposals. By application only, see for the application form. Prerequisite: Bio 42 or HumBio 4A. Satisfies WIM for Biology.
Same as: BIO 107

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...102 BIO 46 , BIO 47 , BIO 107 ( HUMBIO 136 ), BIO 168 , BIO 196A , BIO 197WA...