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Symbolic Systems

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BIO 286. Natural History of the Vertebrates. 4 Units.

Broad survey of the diversity of vertebrate life. Discussion of the major branches of the vertebrate evolutionary tree, with emphasis on evolutionary relationships and key adaptations as revealed by the fossil record and modern phylogenetics. Modern orders introduced through an emphasis on natural history, physiology, behavioral ecology, community ecology, and conservation. Lab sessions focused on comparative skeletal morphology through hands-on work with skeletal specimens. Discussion of field methods and experience with our local vertebrate communities through field trips to several of California¿s distinct biomes. Prerequisite: Biology core.

HISTORY 286. Jews Among Muslims in Modern Times. 4-5 Units.

The history of Jewish communities in the lands of Islam and their relations with the surrounding Muslim populations from the time of Muhammad to the 20th century. Topics: the place of Jews in Muslim societies, Jewish communal life, variation in the experience of communities in different Muslim lands, the impact of the West in the Modern period, the rise of nationalisms, and the end of Jewish life in Muslim countries.
Same as: HISTORY 386, JEWISHST 286, JEWISHST 386