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GS 42. Landscapes and Tectonics of the San Francisco Bay Area. 4 Units.

Active faulting and erosion in the Bay Area, and its effects upon landscapes. Earth science concepts and skills through investigation of the valley, mountain, and coastal areas around Stanford. Faulting associated with the San Andreas Fault, coastal processes along the San Mateo coast, uplift of the mountains by plate tectonic processes, and landsliding in urban and mountainous areas. Field excursions; student projects.
Same as: EARTH 42

School of Engineering

...chemistry or physics, and GS 1A Introduction to...MATH 41 and MATH 42 OR AP Calculus...

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...advanced summer field experience GS 150 , GEOPHYS 199...Management Science and Engineering 42 65 107 Senior...

Geological Sciences

...GS 105 Introduction to Field Methods and GS...Sciences and Mathematics (37-42 Units) Breadth (15...