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ECON 129. Credit markets and development: Some evidence from Latin America and the World. 5 Units.

This course gives an overview of the importance (or not) of credit for development and the workings and failures of these markets from a microeconomic perspective. We will study retail credit markets, which include mortgage lending, credit cards, microcredit, auto loans, and loans to small firms. We will not cover macro credit topics like sovereign debt, the stock market, systemic risk, etc. We will draw on studies from México, the US and other countries. In the process we will also discuss on the main techniques to estimate causal effects. Prerequisites: ECON 51 (Public Policy majors may take PUBLPOL 51 as a substitute for ECON 51), and Econ 102B.

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...120 Economics - 80 80 - ECON 101 English - FRENCH 101, FRENCH 129 . Capstone: any FRENCH...


...or 180 ), 178, 179 Finance (Econ 110, 111, 112, 129, 140 (or 135), 141, 143...