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EARTHSYS 177C. Specialized Writing and Reporting: Environmental Journalism. 4-5 Units.

Advanced reporting and writing course in the specific practices and standards of environmental journalism. This course begins with the assumption that students already know how to research and relay the essential facts of almost any environmental story. Students will go beyond the basics of journalistic practice, both as reporters and storytellers. Emphasis on magazine-style writing, with the goal of producing stories that stand on fact but move like fiction, that have protagonists and antagonists, that create suspense, that reveal character through dialogue and action, and that pay off with resonant finales. Limited enrollment: preference to students in the Earth Systems Master of Arts, Environmental Communication Program and the Graduate Journalism Program. Prerequisite: COMM 104, or EarthSys 191, or consent of instructor. Admission by application only, available from Applications due Nov. 30, 2016. (Meets Earth Systems WIM requirement.).
Same as: COMM 177C, COMM 277C, EARTHSYS 277C

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...project BIOHOPK 172H , EARTHSYS 135 , EARTHSYS 149 , EARTHSYS 177C , EARTHSYS 191 , EARTHSYS 200 Energy Resources...