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BIO 104. Advanced Molecular Biology. 5 Units.

Molecular mechanisms that govern the replication, recombination, and expression of eukaryotic genomes. Topics: DNA replication, DNA recombination, gene transcription, RNA splicing, regulation of gene expression, protein synthesis, and protein folding. Satisfies Central Menu Area 1. Prerequisite: Biology core.
Same as: BIO 200

School of Engineering

...the following: BIO 82 Genetics , BIO 83 Biochemistry...CME series (100, 102, 104) be taken rather...

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...BIO 197WA , BIO 199W , BIOHOPK 47 , BIOHOPK 172H Chemistry 20-39 47-68 82-104...


...Although not required, CME 104 Linear Algebra two courses of BIO core. CHEM 31A...