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ARTHIST 294. Writing and the Visual: Photography and Truth. 5 Units.

This course explores the longstanding association of photography with truth and the ways in which writing can direct attention to, elaborate on, or distract from the image. We will investigate the role of writing in making these truth claims for photography over the past two centuries and across photography¿s many discursive fields, from journalism, advertising, and scientific photographs, to works made by artists and amateurs. Among other questions, we will address the following: How has writing about photography engaged with assumptions of truthfulness? How have artists and writers challenged expectations for a straightforward relationship between photography and truth? Students will produce writing in relation to photographs that spans several artistic and art historical modes, from the critical and didactic to the expository and essayistic, with the aim of creating several polished pieces of writing, of varying lengths, ready for publication at the end of the quarter. Required course for Art History majors. WIM Course. May be repeat for credit.

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...History - 65 65 library orientation, junior seminar ARTHIST 294 Art Practice (Studio) - 65 65 Interdisciplinary...

Art and Art History

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