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ANTHRO 193. Anthropology Capstone: Contemporary Debates in Anthropology. 5 Units.

Do you know what an anthropological perspective is? Can you describe some of the key assumptions and questions within the discipline? nA major in Anthropology is composed of many specialized courses in different tracks, different emphases and seemingly a never-ending multiplication of perspectives and ethnographies. However, Anthropology is also an ongoing intellectual conversation with foundational questions, some of longstanding and some new. These foundational questions have stimulated different responses and answers and thus have also led to constant renewal of the discipline in the midst of profound disagreement. In this Anthropology Capstone course students across tracks and emphases will address some of the critical debates that have been central to the discipline as it has developed. We will feature three debate questions in the class. Preparation for each debate will be through class discussion of critical readings as well as extra-mural reading and preparation with one¿s debating partners.

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...50 65 ANTHRO 193 :Capstone Course-Contemporary Debates in Anthropology ANTHRO 90B , ANTHRO 90C Archaeology...


...must enroll in the senior Capstone course, ( ANTHRO 193 Anthropology Capstone: Contemporary Debates in Anthropology...