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ANTHRO 160. Social and Environmental Sustainability: The Costa Rican Case. 3-5 Units.

Seminar focused on issues of tropical sustainability with a particular emphasis on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Offered in conjunction with the Osa Initiative in the Wood¿s Institute for the Environment, the course highlights issues of human development in the tropics, through such means as agricultural development, ecotourism, conservation efforts, private and indigenous reserves, and mining. The course will draw from diverse disciplines including anthropology, rural sociology, conservation biology, geosciences, history, political science, and journalism. In addition to weekly discussions, students will development a research paper throughout the term which will be presented to a panel of selected Wood¿s Faculty during the final week of the term.
Same as: ANTHRO 260

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...AMSTUD 160 Anthropology 15 50 65 ANTHRO 193 :Capstone Course-Contemporary Debates in Anthropology ANTHRO...