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AFRICAAM 200X. Honors Thesis and Senior Thesis Seminar. 5 Units.

Required for seniors. Weekly colloquia with AAAS Director and Associate Director to assist with refinement of research topic, advisor support, literature review, research, and thesis writing. Readings include foundational and cutting-edge scholarship in the interdisciplinary fields of African and African American studies and comparative race studies. Readings assist students situate their individual research interests and project within the larger. Students may also enroll in AFRICAAM 200Y in Winter and AFRICAAM 200Z in Spring for additional research units (up to 10 units total).

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...Studies 50 10 60 AAAS thesis seminar AFRICAAM 200X American Studies 60 AMSTUD 160 Anthropology...

African and African American Studies

...One course in African Studies . (5 units) AFRICAAM 200X Honors Thesis and Senior Thesis Seminar...