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AFRICAAM 146L. Studies in Ethnomusicology: Musics of Africa and the African Diaspora. 3-5 Units.

An introduction to musics of Africa and the African Diaspora. Topics include: music and nationalism, religion, embodiment, diaspora, migration, resistance, gender, globalization, and race. Musical regions and nations may include: Zimbabwe, South Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, the Caribbean, and the United States. This is a seminar-based course in which students will write short reflective papers and a final, research-based paper.Pre- or co-requisite for WIM credit: Music 22. WIM at 4 or 5 letter-graded units only.
Same as: AFRICAST 246L, MUSIC 146L, MUSIC 246L

Undergraduate Major Unit Requirements

...60 AAAS thesis seminar AFRICAAM 200X American Studies...145K , MUSIC 146J , MUSIC 146L Native American Studies...