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Stanford Arts Institute

Office: Stanford Arts Institute, Littlefield Center, 2nd Floor
Mail Code: 94305-2255
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Courses offered by the Stanford Arts Institute are listed under the subject code ARTSINST on the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site.

The Stanford Arts Institute forges arts connections across the University; gives grants for faculty, staff, and students; presents arts events; incubates new arts projects; and supports artists and cultural groups across campus. Since its founding in 2006, the Stanford Arts Institute has been a catalyst helping the Stanford arts community to grow.

Honors in the Arts

The Stanford Arts Institute offers the interdisciplinary Honors in the Arts program, which is open to undergraduates in all majors.

Stanford students in any major can complete a capstone project integrating their major studies with a broad arts perspective and receive "Honors in the Arts." The program features two tracks:

  • Interdisciplinary honors within the arts—for students majoring in an arts discipline who wish to incorporate other arts disciplines into their work. Students in this track are typically majors in a department such as Art and Art History; departments within the Division of Languages, Cultures, and Literatures; English; Music; or Theater and Performance Studies, who wish to do an honors project involving approaches from another arts field.
  • Interdisciplinary honors for non-arts majors—for students majoring in a non-arts discipline who complete a capstone project incorporating the arts. Students in this track are typically majors in a department other than those described above, who wish to do an honors project involving an arts element. This project should incorporate themes, discourse, or learning from a student’s major.


A minimum overall GPA of 3.67 (A-) is typically required for admission into the program. Upon petition, exceptions may be granted by the program director in the case of students demonstrating particular strengths relevant to honors in the arts.

Students are required to take at least three courses identified as preparing them to execute an interdisciplinary capstone project. These courses should be in either an art practice area relevant to the capstone project or should explore the methodology of interdisciplinary arts study. A sample list of courses can be found on the Arts Institute web site. It is recommended that students complete at least two of these courses prior to entering the program. However, upon approval of the program director, students may take these courses while pursuing their honors project. Courses are typically at least 2 units and must be taken for a letter grade.

Prospective students must submit a brief essay outlining their preparation and proposing a capstone project.

Students interested in pursuing Honors in the Arts can apply for acceptance in the junior year. Students should contact the program coordinator at to begin the application process.


1. Honors in the Arts Workshop Sequence (Senior Year)

ARTSINST 200AHonors in the Arts Workshop2
ARTSINST 200BHonors in the Arts Workshop2
ARTSINST 200CHonors in the Arts Workshop2

2. Capstone Project

The capstone project is developed during the senior year through three quarters of workshops. To receive Honors in the Arts, students must fulfill all requirements and must receive at least an 'A-' on the capstone project.