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HUMSCI 100. 10 Jobs in 10 Weeks: Leveraging Your Liberal Arts Career. 1 Unit.

This course is designed to give students a taste of 10 career fields in 10 weeks. Each week features an alum from a different industry, and a hands-on project pulled from their typical workday. In addition to guest speakers and in-class projects, focus is on tangible takeaways such as building a personal brand pyramid. Students also collaborate on exercises that teach them to articulate the core skills humanities and arts students bring to the table. Priority to undergraduates in the humanities and arts. Enrollment limited to 20. For more information, see

HUMSCI 201. Graduate Environment of Support. 1 Unit.

Psychosocial, financial, and career issues in adapting graduate students to Stanford; how these issues relate to diversity, resources, policies, and procedures. Discussions among faculty, advanced graduate students, campus resource people, and the dean's office. (Thomas).